Riot Grrl (jaded_star) wrote in shampoopittboys,
Riot Grrl

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Your mouth was made to suck my kiss...

Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch?
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what are: Things most likely found on the floor of a mosh pitt!

hey man...i dunno bout you...but i never found testicles on a floor of a mosh pit! lol
I don't know what the hell I would do if I just saw two testicles just hanging out on the floor of the mosh pit..
if they werent mine...i think i would piss myself laughing! haha
What if they were mine?
then you've never been in a REAL mosh pit. *cocky smile*
I've lost many an earring to the floor of the mosh pit...
latel for me its been the balls to my hoops. I lost my labret one twice. heh balls for hoops, that sounds oh so wrong.
You should keep better watch of your balls, Dan. Hehe.
I'm tellin' ya my balls are are always all over the place.